The Magic of Wool

Felt Workshops with Maya Stenz


I’ve been rediscovering the ancient art of felting for many years.


Taking my inspiration from nature, I design, develop, and create....


... suddenly the stones begin to blossom.

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  • Filzkunst
  • Filzkunst
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  • Vorhänge
  • Filzkunst
  • Jacke und Objekt von Kursteilnehmerinnen
  • Wunderblume
  • Tiere in eigener Interpretation
  • Sommerfilz in Arbeit
  • Sommerhut
  • Filzstein
  • Wickeljupe
  • Hornklee
  • Hühner
  • Engel
  • Stiefelkurs
  • Ecoprint
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  • Hutschal
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  • FilzTaschen
  • Filz Steine
  • Hohlfilz-Skulptur


A journey to the roots of felting in Mongolia. We are traveling to learn and to get an exchange with other feltartist ...

Exhibition at Lugano in december 2013 with our Kazachian friends Alibay and Saule


About Maya Stenz
Specialized in soft flowing wool garments, both fine and delicate, yet at the same time sturdy and practical, warm and elegant. Each piece is its own work of art. Colors and shapes are derived from personal inspiration, always pushing the limits of this versatile material. For "Heavenly Felt" I enjoy combining natural materials such as silk and linen with a wide range of wool sorts such as alpaca, mohair, angora, even dog hair.
Felt Art Arena
Centro visitors discover examples of felt artwork at every corner - in the houses, the garden and studio. We host expositions of International felt artists as well. The art of felting is omnipresent - here it can be truly appreciated. Our boutique near the Centro entrance invites one to discover, marvel, browse and perhaps purchase a work of art.
Our expositions reflect my fascination for the art of felting.







Felt – a natural material
Natural materials and traditional techniques are at the origins of this ancient practice. As its earliest use was for protection from the elements, felting may well be the first garment making technique. Today it is enjoying a renaissance, in a variety and in a burst of color never before imagined. It has truly become the art of felting.
The valuable natural product sheep’s wool continues to win over friends both at home and abroad, its versatility being particularly evident in felt making techniques. The possibilities for elaboration, design and color are limitless.
Whether used as clothing from head to toe or to decorate the Centro surroundings, examples of our felt handiwork may be appreciated by the visitor.  In our workshop we create unique articles of clothing and accessories for those who appreciate the unusual and the exquisite.
Come and browse our Shop – perhaps you will find a special handmade creation!


Felt exhibitions by Maya Stenz
Maya Stenz, a Swiss arts and crafts teacher, began compiling various felting techniques over 25 years ago. Exchanging her experience with artists from around the world, she was able to deepen her knowledge and skills in the art of felt making. She has displayed her works in numerous international exhibitions.

·      1997 first felt exhibition in Cabbiolo and Lugano, Switzerland; under the label of Maraya, works made in collaboration with Margrit Miazza were also displayed. Participation in various exhibitions.


·      1999 Inauguration of the massive tapestry "Creation" for the Protestant Church in Grono, Switzerland. Two years later, the image of "The Good Shepherd" was created for a retirement center in Andeer, Switzerland.


·      Active as an instructor, organizing exhibitions and fashion shows at several felt symposiums in Italy.


·      2004 Lecturer at the World Symposium of Felting in Budapest, Hungary.


·      Exhibitions at the National Gallery and the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest.


·      2005 teaching faculty for the School of Art in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Exhibition: "Felt from traditional to Modern Design," in Almaty.


·      Organization of a felting project for women in Ladakh, India.


·      Since 2005, organization of her own comprehensive vocational training to become a professional felter, at the  "Humanità Art Center" in Cabbiolo-Lostallo.


·      2007 Exhibition in Westphalia Hall, Dortmund, Germany,


·      2008 Exhibition in Lugano "MARAYA-KAZAKH-ART", Between Desert and Mountains” an encounter between artists from Kazakhstan and Switzerland.


·      2009 "Emotions in Felt" Exhibition at Hotel Weisses Kreuz, Splügen, Switzerland.


·      2009 Foreign Aid Project: "Felting for Mountain Regions" in Bhaktapur, Nepal.


·      2011 Second aid project: "Felting for Mountain Regions" in Kathmandu, Nepal.


·      2012 "Impressioni di Feltro", solo exhibition at the Gut Residence, Roveredo, Switzerland.


·      2012 Exhibition and Master Class workshop in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


·      2012 "Avvento in Arte" exhibition at the Centro Arte Cabbiolo-Lostallo, Switzerland.

















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